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About us

CHAS is a voluntary organisation. Since 1965 we have done our best to make older people’s lives easier and more fulfilling.

We provide older people with housing, support systems and a sense of community. Our developments are run by dedicated volunteers who ensure that residents are comfortable and safe.

CHAS is the business name of the Catholic Housing Aid Society – a Charitable company, Limited by Guarantee, registered in Dublin , Ireland.

The History of CHAS

The Society was founded in 1966 by a small group of people including Fr. Tom Scully S.J.. It was set up in response to the collapse of a building in Dublin where many elderly people lost their lives. The elderly were and continue to be a vulnerable group in society. The founding members decided to build apartments for the aged poor. The following outlines the progress to date:

In 1967 Dublin Corporation gave the Society a large site at the top of Gardiner Street next to Mountjoy Square. An apartment block of forty-five single and double units was built on this site in 1969. The next development was opened in December 1971. This development of twenty-one, single apartments was built at Ballinteer in a small green park near the Dublin Mountains. A further twenty-five one-bedroom apartments were built on the Gardiner street site and were opened in 1972.

In 1981 the Directors decided to approach Dublin Corporation once again, and acquired a vacant site in Berkeley Street opposite the church. The development of twenty-one double apartments was completed by 1984. In 1994 ten single apartments were built on the Gardiner Street site. A further twelve apartments were built on this site in 2000.

The Society to date has built and managed one hundred and thirty four apartments providing homes for one hundred and sixty one people. We have various projects in progress at present and we will have three hundred units in the next couple of years.

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